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Originally Posted by CJNyfalt View Post
Have to test Un some day, it has been on my to play list for years. I guess that the fact that it's in active development makes me wary. Have had enough of maintainers of variants I'm involved with going AWOL.
I'll be around for a while... UnAngband has arguably been the longest continuously maintained variant (If you don't count DarkGod and ToME as a variant) in existence at the moment (Steamband is another contender). It is also available via SVN, which allows a measure of continuity if I do fall off the face of a bus.

Yes, I also prefer variants that has a clear style and identity. Everything and the kitchen sink variants like Z/Heng/Entro has no appeal to me.
Un has a clear sense of style and strong Tolkienian influence, particularly thanks to Bandobras, and design sensibilities indepted to Leon Marrick's influential thinking. It may not be a style you necessarily agree with, but you'll have to play that to find out. You may want to read my blog, Ascii Dreams, to get a feel for what I'm trying to achieve - the Unangband dungeon generation article is probably the best place to start.

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