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Heh, didnt know potions could kill you! Thought it was safe to drink unIDd pots, but
then again, this game never ceased to suprise me.
In some variants (FAAngband, for example), Potions of Death hit you for your total hitpoints - so you die instantly only if you're below max HP - otherwise, you get taken down to 0 HP.

The crossbow I was carrying was doing amazing damage. But can someone explain to me
what "It increases your shooting power by 2" means?
I guess it ups the "Shooting" category by 2, but whats the difference between having
it 2 levels higher? And are "Legendary" max you can have? If so, wouldnt that extra +2 mean nothing?
Hmm, in most variants, "It increases your shooting power by 2" increases your ranged weapon's multiplier by 2 - so your Light Crossbow would actually be a (x5) rather than the regular (x3). Not so shabby if you're an arching type, although I usually only wield a bow for the non-arching bonuses...
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