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what is, exactly, a warrior?

i was puzzled a short while back when i read someone saying how the warrior lost his bonus blow; i played quite a lot of warriors and have always seen them have multiple blows from the start, so i just assumed this was factored in, and not something instead due to the stat distribution.

so, it just happens that i played to full games to completion with rogues (one Half Troll, one Half Orc) and at the end, i noticed they also get 6 blows .. wth?

I dismissed this class because i thought they didn't have as much DPS in the endgame, and instead they fight as well as warriors do, and on top of that they have several useful spells.

so .. exactly .. what does a warrior do? just pFear at CL30 ?? that doesn't seem like a good trade. surely 3 hp per level can't match having Shield, Resistance, infinite TO, TS, Stun, a valid AOE, Clairvoyance, DT, DM, Haste, Hero, and enchant weapon + armor.
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