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Orion HT Warrior:
Bought 30 phase doors
2 !CLW
An average main gauche (20.6dpr)
5 food rations
two iron shots

DL1: I hit a telport trap, quaff a potion of speed and read a ?Summon monster, easily kill a blubbery icky thing, a centpide and a spotted mushroom. Down a passageway a louse takes me to CL3 and 62hp.

DL2: Not much doing, so I contemplate hitting the stairs before exploring, but decide against it and immediately find another !speed. A few passageways, monsters and a room later another !speed. I kill Grip (CL5, 81hp), but let Fang live as I run away from him for the stairs.

DL3: A room exploding with loues takes some careful whacking away at 3.4 blows per round and I am just able to reign the whole thing in, eradicating all the lice from the center of the room. CL6, 87hp, few more monsters and CL7, 110hp and a ?DD takes me to

DL8: In a 4 chambered special room I find a rod of light and am careless with a room full of cave orcs, but am able to flee from them at 19hp. While fleeing I become faint from hunger, but have enough space to eat before the orcs will be on me. At 47/115hp I come to stairs and need to decide to try to fight the cave orcs with an average main gauche; ?phase door or hit the stairs. Considering the chambers each hold 24 squares, there could be up to 24 cave orcs. I read a ?blessing and start whacking away at them, but the blessing doesn’t last nearly long enough (3 or 4 turns???) I then misclick, and for some reason hitting the comma key wastes a turn (why didn’t it do nothing?) I look at the descriptions of the cave orcs and happily see they are hurt by bright light; I blast them with my rod, and a dark elven warrior also gets hit hard. I try to zap it again forgetting I’m not playing last game and no longer have 2 rods of light, and waste another turn, stumbling forward giving the dark elven warrior first dibs to hit me, taking me to 4hp. I kill him, and frustrated, quaff a !speed to kill the last injured cave orc. I kill him, but there are no more monters, so a !CLW would have been sufficient. A short time later I kill a few more things and reach CL10, 130hp. I pick up a maul which I’ll use for digging.

DL9 I nearly die to a dark elf and a baby dragon, when the baby dragon breathes twice. I pick up 31 arrows of venom (+5, +4) and a lantern. I kill some more things, find some bolts (+2, +4) {??} and hit the stairs. I should mention I have 1 !CLW and have not found any so far.

DL10: I get blinded while fighitng some things, and then paralyzed, but it only lasts a turn. A ?phase door gets stolen, I kill the things, and in the next room get blinded by a black mamba. I remember three UnID’d potions I picked up earlier (one gets stolen) and I am, for some reason, fairly certain it’s going to be !CSW, so I use it to clear my eyes and I am right. A baby red dragon destroys a ?phase door. The brigand steals my rod of light. A scruffy hobbit drops me sandals [1, +0]; my second piece of armor I’ve found thus far, bringing my AC up to a whopping 5. The brigand continues to steal stuff (oil, CSW).

I come into a clutch of hill orcs and trade health for corpses when their leader Grishnakh suddenly appears and I am a bit slow to notice. At 49hp, I become faint from hunger again. The Brigand is one square away coming from the other direction. I ?phase door and eat... no, no I don’t eat. I have no food. I check my messages and see that a rot jelly ate my 4 rations of food. Boy would I love perisstant messages. Messages that last one turn when one turn lasts 1/100th of a second sure is lousy.

I move away from the orcs and await death. I soon come to an acid trap and since my DEX is only 14 I walk on in intentionally, not having turns to spare to try to disarm it and lose another 5hp and a ?phase door and learn the rune of rAcid from my amulet. A dark elven mage confuses me and I must have picked up another !CLW because I have two, one which I quaff to finish him off taking me to CL13, 33/190hp. The cave orcs are one square away but the escape from the room is 3. I make a run for it, losing some skin, and turn to kill a couple cave orcs which goes somewhat to my favor as I don’t lose too much health (ie. I don’t die) in the skirmish. But several turns later paralysis twice and the other cave orcs are nipping at my heels. I have 18hp and am thinking I need to ?phase. I ?phase favorably, kill a blubbery icky thing and try to search a room for food but the orcs are soon here and I escape down another passageway. I round a corner up an adjacent corridor as my health starts falling from near-death. At 10hp I quaff my last CLW and find myself surrounded. I ?phase, run, and grishnakh closes in on my as paralysis loses my advantage. Paralysis again and Grishnakh kills me. Let’s try to remember rot jellies eat my food.
Detailed account of my Ironman win here.
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