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I decide to try to lure Kavlax away from the vault. An Ogre shaman is between me and him, so I figure that will allow me to get a head start on Kavlax. A solid plan, except after only a couple moves, the Ogre Shaman teleports away, leaving Kavlax just a couple squares behind me. I _Teleport.

I could return to the vault from the top and try to lure Rogrog away since he’s much less dangerous. With some luck, I could probably successfully do this with using only one !speed. Also enroute to the top of the vault are stairs....

I head back to the vault from above, and meet Rogrog in a nearby room. I use one of 5 !speed and lure him into the top left corner of the map, just enough distance from the bigger vault below that if I come back to the vault strategically he should stay put. My plan will be to attempt to enter the vault roughly at its mid section and thus go between Kavlax and Rogrog and hope that there isn’t anything else in the vault I cannot deal with. I teleport away from Rogrog and find myself not very far from Kavlax.... I also discover my staff of mapping was destroyed by a Chimera.

I head East and work my way around to the northern route West again. When I reach about the center of the map, I tunnel through into a room I visited earlier so as to approach the vault from its northeastern corner, still south enough from Rogrog (I hope) to not disturb him. I drill through some more walls to avoid going around in my attempt to get into perfect position as quickly as possible to approach the vault.

Detailed account of my Ironman win here.
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