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I head directly west and blast the rock into mud with my ring of digging. Kim soon appears and at 100+ dam per round, I will easily kill him. I will speed to reduce the disenchantments. I probably should have held onto the rDisench armor as a swap, but didn’t want to play the “what do I drop” game at the time.

Just as Kim is fleeing the sting of my main gauche, Kavlax, (and others) show up. I finish Kim off and contemplate my options.

I think the move is to =escape north and hope he doesn’t breathe. Or maybe ?phase and hope I ?phase north. Or flee, and if he breathes, ?phase, and hope I ?phase north. HMMMMMM. Angband is more fun when taking risks, and anyway, there is no completely safe way of playing this if I want inside the vault. I like my flee and ?phase plan.

Lady Luck is on my side. I put on the ring of escaping and Kavlax munches on me. I flee up the corridor and he follows. I reach the end of the corridor and enter the room, moving Northeast, away from LoS of the corridor. I hear a whooshing roar, but the attack misses me completely. I enter the eastern mouth of the room and am hit by noise, bringing me to 149hp. I read one of my ?teleportations and land in the eastern part of the map which I have already cleared. A perfect escape. Now to take the southern route back to the lower left quadrant of the vault. Still, Kavlax will return shortly after I enter the vault, so not exactly sure how I am going to deal with him.

About 20 squares east of the vault I reconsider my options.... I will return to Kavlax last known location and try to lure him further from the vault in a Northeasterly direction and then Teleport away again and reapproach the vault from the bottom again. The only problem with this plan is I lack detection of any kind, but I do have 3 rods of light.

I decide to put on the “Searching <+7> for the +1 to speed while I approach as well as my =Escaping. I wait in the safety of Knight’s move at the edge of a room, hopping I’m close enough to disturb him. I should have paid attention to his disturb distance. It’s probably 200 feet (which I think is 20 squares). I cannot get him to come to me, even when I dangerously venture down the corridor on the other side of the room. So I head north and come from the south, and he is quickly upon me. The terrain is favorable, though, and I begin to escape again. He breathes chaos, and I forget/don’t realize I’m confused. I try to move away, but move towards him instead, and he breathes frost. I’m down to 68 health, have no !healing, and cannot read ?teleporation. I risk _Teleportation and it works first try. Safe again. Or... relatively so.. a wyvern stings me, or so I am told (I’m hallucinating). I fumble about with my rings, trying to put the correct one back on so I can melee the miscreant. Unfortunately the chaos breath has brought me back to CL27 and 404 max hp. But... Kavlax is right where I want him: at the top of the map. Time to reap the rewards!

I head back to the southern entrance to the vault I had made earlier and put back on my “Inertia <-1>. Sanyhando is the first to meet me, and takes me to 228hp before falling. He drops me a sling of power, which is a fine replacement for a disenchanted short bow of accuracy; and I have been lugging around 58 enchanted sling ‘munitions just for such occasion.

There are some +8 good lightweight armorments to replace damaged ones I’m wearing, but nothing else in the vault (so what is giving the 6 feeling?) I return to see what Kim as dropped me and it’s a halberd <+5> speed 3d5 (+17, +12). At 1.1 blows per round, it does half the damage to others as my main gauche of slay giant, but the halberd has lighting slay which does 74 per round. I will take a break for now, and hopefully won’t forget about Kavlax when I return.
Detailed account of my Ironman win here.
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