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Originally Posted by Cutestory View Post
I've decided to start again from scratch and die a few times with another character before going back to my RoS <+9> character (who will eventually die, I know). I don't want to "waste" such a good roll on "figuring things out."
Don't... the zero-th rule of Angband says Never Get Fond Of Your Character. The more you treasure him/her the more his/her death by a white icky thing will hurt when it comes
The RNG doesn't like it when you try to fool it.

I made that mistake and grew very fond of my last good character, who was killed by a dark elven lord. My curses could be heard from Proxima Centauri.
The RNG didn't like my lack of faith and has been punishing me since then with lousy drops. I am really tempted, at this point, to order a T-shirt that says "I killed Farmer Maggot and all I got was a stupid slime mold".
Resistance (futile as it is) begins at Ohm
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