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It sounds like you're trying to clear everything on each level. This isn't going to work too well. Think of undead pits and the nastier vaults as being obstacles to be avoided or worked around, not challenges to your warrior's prowess. Eonwe's activation is handy, but you shouldn't feel like you need it -- you're lucky to have a replenishable source of banishment at all, frankly.

Particularly, you want to be saving scrolls of Mass Banishment and Destruction for the final fights, because they're vital for handling Morgoth's summons and constraining line of sight. Though it's also a good idea to carry Destruction with you during normal exploration, because it's an excellent last-ditch escape if you get in over your head.

Ignoring undead pits, what are you finding yourself having to use Eonwe's activation for?

Your body armor is entirely redundant (I'd be very surprised if its breath weapon activation does more damage than your bow at this point). Equip Rohirrim instead; it'll give you protection from confusion -- always helpful.

You have too much speed. Ditch a speed ring for a Ring of Damage (ideally you'd have kept your best damage ring in your home, but oh well). A +15 damage ring (best you can find) would increase your damage by about 20%. Swapping to Anguirel would put you up only 2 damage/round (or 5 if you swapped in Rohirrim for the DEX, maxing your blows/round), so that's not especially compelling, especially since you'd be losing Eonwe's superior undead and demon slays. You should be stockpiling potions of Speed in your home (for the final fights), and carrying a staff of Speed for big fights in the dungeon; that will make up for the speed loss.
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