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The best advice I can give is don't be discouraged. It is quite probable that this character will die, and many others that follow. I've lost a lot that were really close before I finally won.

When you die, learn what killed you and avoid that monster until you're ready, or that circumstance.

Always have escapes, keep resists covered, etc etc, it's all been covered.

Now-a-day's I tend to agree with PowerDiver about diving fast to win. At first you get murdered a lot until you learn, but the deeper you go the better things you get, and on the way down you should be able to kill enough to stay at a decent level, just don't dip down too far below 20 without FA.

Probably one of the best tips I've ever gotten beyond that was don't fight things you need to use consumables in order to kill. (with the exception of hard uniques, bosses, and situations where you can't escape). There are times though when going through your stack of !CCW is worth it, like popping a vault or trying to get to something good.

To make that long story short, it's risk vs reward. Don't take risks that don't have a payoff, and going down to stat-gain and to better equipment is a payoff.
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