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Winner in the Making?
Not if you go below HP/3 (never mind 7 HP!) on even an occasional basis.
Rule 1. Set the HP warn level to 5 (for a warrior; higher for other classes)
Rule 2. Pay attention to it!

Other rules:
3. you will want RFire, RCold and RElec relatively early in the game (though not at the expense of melee damage.)
Wear those resistance rings, and keep an eye open for "rElec (Amulet of Resist Electricity.)
4. With SI (See Invis), FA (free action), and an escape _Teleportation), you are good to go to 1500' which is where loot starts getting significantly better and stat gain begins. Screwing around at shallower levels doesn't teach you much, and doesn't really help you towards winning.
5. Carry a source of recovery from rBlind/rConf/poison, cuts (that means a big stack of !CCW)
6. Don't fight everything.
Things to avoid before dl 30 are:
*Hounds, beyond a very few species. Tey destroy your gear, or are otherwise annoying or dangerous
* Basilisks
* Carrion crawlers (too much effort to kill, even with FA.)
* Wyverns
* Ghasts
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