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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
5. Carry a source of recovery from rBlind/rConf/poison, cuts (that means a big stack of !CCW)
An addition to that rule:

5a. When money is less of an issue, every return trip back to town buy out the !CCW in the shop and stash some at home. (!CSW too if you want some healing you don't mind blowing through, although it does *not* cure status ailments every time like criticals do.)

5b. When using potions and things, remember they act as food. Beware of gorging yourself and losing 10 speed because of it, it may end up in a vicious cycle of needing to heal using potions, which add to the food counter, which is giving you a big speed penalty which is causing you to take more damage which means you need to heal...
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