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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
I like the idea, but I think setting the radius to reward increased distance from the is the wrong way round. Current radius of effect is 20; I would suggest making the new radius of effect 20 - (player to monster distance).
O dang, you're all in on getting the player up in the baddy's grill, eh? The closer you are, the burlier the ban hammer.

What would be a max cast radius, in this idea? Presumably we wouldn't want the player to have a crappy experience by being so far away they banish teeny little patch of a couple tiles. A reasonable max-distance could ensure that when you can cast it, you'll always be certain of a reasonable min-size patch o' carnage.

<EDIT:> And, this still leaves open creative "use all the tools in every way imaginable" Angband-style play such as the examples I tossed in above (corner an orc up against a wall and let loose with point-blank mass-banish to torch the room of nasties on the other side of the wall, etc etc).

Hah! And I just realized the "closer is better" concept truly does give a risky read of a summon scroll some sketchy potential value, given that the summoned enemies are placed right on you. They are right in place for you to use as a ground-zero for a big ol' multi-room slaughter-fest!
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