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fun with the code (and a big thank you)

Just for kicks, I just implemented an umber hulk race/class in an alternate copy of DaJAngband (you must be the hulk class if you be the umber hulk race). It confuses monsters every time it hits, and it never fails when digging (it could dig through granite with 10STR and bare hands).

I want to say a big thank you to all the Angband maintainers (past & present) and everyone who has contributed to developing & organizing the Angband code. I only know a tiny bit of the C language from reading the first part of a tutorial and yet I'm figuring out how to do surprisingly a lot with the code, so I very much appreciate how well organized and commented it is.

After I read the first part of the aforementioned tutorial and figured out how to do a few things with the Angband code, I thought, "hmm, I figured out how to do some cool things with Angband, and Nethack is also in C so let's see what I can do with that game." So I downloaded the Nethack source, took a look at it and thought, "yikes, I'm not touching this. I can't understand hardly any of it." Nethack, in comparison, seems to be pretty badly organized and there are hardly any comments that actually help someone like me understand it.
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