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Originally Posted by fizzix View Post
If I remember correctly, early game drops were too high. This was most evident in the town where I was getting 100 gold drops from aimless merchants. After dlevel 10 or so, ewert's formula works well.
Yeah forgot about the town drops. However, since drops at low dlvls are quite rare (sometimes feels like there is more veins than normal gold drops), it might even suffice to make the town level much less.

Actually, the static bonus could probably be just removed or changed to minuscule amounts ... it's not a big deal after a few levels, and it is the one that messes up town and the very few first levels (<10).

So maybe:

avg = 2 * lev + 5;
spread = lev + 2;

/* With no_selling, increase gold drops */
if (OPT(adult_no_selling)) 
	avg = 10 * lev + 5;
	spread = 5 * lev + 2;
Or something.
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