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I. ignore setting
It would be fun to have a hotkey for 'ignore item'. Currently you need to push:
1) k
2) choose an item
3) c (ignore this item type)

It makes it impossible to macro this action (cause of #2)

It would be fun to have it like:
1) ctrl+k -> it asks 'ignore which item?'
2) you choose which item to ignore

II. ignore & destroy

add option which would make possible to do all following actions with one key:
- ignore item type (eg. all kind of magic books)
- destroy items of such kind in inventory

..because atm you need to ignore, then destroy.. to much buttons to push by lazy players

Or maybe it's possible to assign to ignore all kind of item type (eg books, corpses) in game options? I didn't find such option, would be great alternative.

III. in '=' -> 'k' (macroses)

1) most important - it would be fun to be able to adjust macro in 'Browse' macro menu. The way to make it - like it's done in 'auto-inscription' menu (&) in TomeNET. Actully this 'browse keymaps' menu could be main tool for macro assigning and if so - it would be even much more comfortable than macro system in TomeNET!
2) make 's' button to save macroses, not 'b'; 'l' for load
3) 'query' should be called 'test' (really confusing)

One more thing:
Ctrl+x - save & enter.. It's very bad place for such command in online game where if you quit accidentally - you would die. It's not critical thing, cause you could use macro to remove it from this place; but I suggest to move it somewhere else in next version too (if it's not too hard to do).
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