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Originally Posted by Sparrow the Dunadan View Post
Yes, but what is the reasoning behind this change? Is it a game balance thing, and if so, how does it balance?
The issue was (and still is, despite the change) that for a character with low str, so mostly in the early game, armor is a double edged item: while it offers some protection from melee damage, it also tends to weigh a lot, reducing the amount of consumables you can carry before dropping to negative speed.

So rather than wearing armor, it might be better to have more scrolls/potions/staves etc. because melee damage is low on the danger list for @ as it is applied in small amounts, meaning you can always ?phase, heal up and re-engage instead of relying on the (random) damage reductioon from your armor. The idea of the AC buff was that with higher protection offered, this situation might change if the positive effect would dominate the negative (the weight).

Later in the game, the armor becomes purely a carrier of modifiers. You are going to wear an armor of elvenkind regardless of its base type and ignore itīs AC value or weight.
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