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Hints and tips

From this thread came the idea of collecting a selection of useful hints and tips for playing Angband. These are things that are important to know and non-obvious. The goal is to collect them and make them available to new players so they can avoid some of the more painful parts of learning how to play.

I'd recommend trying to meet the following guidelines:

* The hint should be something that is non-obvious. We don't need to tell newbies that 2 blows is better than 1 blow, but telling them that they get more blows with high STR/DEX can be useful. Even better is telling them to 'I'nspect their weapons to see how much damage they deal, since that will lead them to discover the STR/DEX relationship on their own.
* The hints should be brief; ideally, they should fit onto a single line in-game. Short and digestable, that's the goal here.
* The hints should be global. A warning about drolems is less useful than a warning about big breathers in general and a note on the poison damage cap.

I've copied my and bio_hazard's suggestions over from that thread; if you'd like to make your own additions, or edits to existing hints, feel free.

* Cure Critical Wounds potions also cure blindness and confusion. Carry lots; they're cheap.
* Potions of Heroism will keep you from being frightened.
* Staves of Teleport can be used even when confused or blinded.
* Breath attacks deal 1/3rd the monster's current HP in damage, up to 1600 for fire/cold/acid/electricity and 800 for poison (and less for others).
* Resistance cuts damage to 1/3rd for fire/cold/acid/electricity/poison, but are less effective for other elements.
* Resistances on your gear stack with temporary resistances from spells and items.
* Never underestimate the value of Constitution. Hitpoints keep you alive.
* Rods of Probing can tell you about a monster's abilities.

-Quivers can hold different types of ammo, but after 99 they will take up more inventory slots
-Many items are bad, but few are cursed to the point of needing magic to remove them.
-Congratulations on finding a nice item! if you don't want to accidentally sell, drop, or destroy it, consider inscribing it (the '{' command) with !s!d!k
-A bigger weapon isn't always better- make sure to check your damage using 'I'nspect
-Can't keep track of all the information on the screen? You can add extra windows to show previous messages, items on the floor, monsters present, and more. Set these up from the '=' menu.
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