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-Flasks of oil do a large amount of damage when thrown ('t'), and are cheap. Carry lots if you're a weaker character to kill early tough enemies like Maggot's dogs or Bullroarer.

-If you use teleport other on a tough / dangerous monster, beware of teleporting afterward, you may run into your former friend.

-Resistances to higher elements (Nether, shards, confusion, disenchantment, darkness, light, chaos) are somewhat random (between 1/6th and 5/6 resisted).

-Hold life and Nether resistance will not block all exp drain, just most of it.

-Fire damage can destroy scrolls, books, and staves in your inventory. Cold damage can destroy potions, and electrical damage can destroy wands and rods. Consider dropping them in a safe place before fighting enemies that do these kinds of damage, but be sure they aren't in the line of fire!

-Immunity to an element prevents inventory destruction from that element.

(Edit, fixed, thanks fizzix!)
-?Phase door is a good escape if the terrain is appropriate, however in open rooms it may well waste a turn and keep you in the line of fire.

-?Phase door, and any other form of teleportation will always teleport you outside of a vault, no matter what.

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