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Originally Posted by Tobias View Post
I tried to use the : command to document the progress through my first v4 game.
But I noticed that the notes get truncated after a certain length.
While I am writing them there is a different cutoff, which allows around 10 characters more than end up in the dump.

So probably the cutoff while writing should be reduced to the cutoff used while dumping.
This is harder than it sounds, because one includes the character's name, and the other doesn't. Since the code doesn't know the length of the character's name, it's impossible to get an exact match. But now I come to think of it, I don't really see why the name is in there at all. I'm not overly familiar with this piece of code and therefore reluctant to change it, but wonder if any other devs (or anyone else familiar with it, such as variant writers) think it could be dispensed with. Then we could use the same size limit for both buffers.
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