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It seems odd to me to experience this, but the more I play Angband the less I enjoy speed bonuses in their current state. It's much more fun for me to find super powerful weapons or other stats than +15 speed item. I'm not sure why this is; maybe because they are just too overpowered since they affect *all* aspects of the game, and not just one? Or maybe its because speed eventually hits a "speed cap" in diminishing returns making it go from the most powerful stat early on to almost trivial later when you have more of it than you need (which just doesn't feel right).

I've been wondering if maybe instead of speed having a diminishing return cap (which no other stat has) instead, speed bonuses would be much less overall (say, half of what they currently are). So instead of boots of speed capping at +10 (non artifact) they'd cap at +5, and the code for rings of speed would remain the same in principal, but instead of speed up to +15 being relatively common, the number at which speed would become rare would be around +7. To compensate, all incredibly fast monsters' speed would be reduced from +30 to +20 and very fast from +20 to +10 and fast from +10 to +5 (and the new 'somewhat fast' to 2 or 3). In this way, speed in general is less powerful in the game, Morgoth would be made a bit more powerful and separate from the rest of the monsters, and diminishing returns from speed would thus be able to be removed, as demonstrated with the following example:

If you got Feanor, Ringil and Cubragol and two rings of power your speed would stack up something like:

Faenor: +8
Ringil: +5
Cubragol: +5
RoP Fire immunity: +2
RoP Lightning immunity: +3 bringing your total speed to +23, only a little bit faster than Morgoth (whose revamped speed would be +20 instead of +30).

Currently the above overpowered setup grants as follows:

Feanor: +15
Ringil: +10
Cubragol: +10
RoP Fire Immunity: +5
RoP Lightning Immunity: +5 bringing total speed to +45. Both are similar relative to Morgoth, but the former example doesn't have the cheesy diminishing returns that this example suffers heavily from.

Speed bonuses from spells, mushrooms, and potions would be +5 instead of +10.

This revamping also seems like super powerful rings of speed wouldn't be useless, as they almost always are in all my games when I find them, because I generally always can get enough speed from my other gear and the uber speed ring just puts me into diminishing returns.

Rings of damage becoming obsolete to very good rings of speed doesn't seem like such a bad thing. Or.. maybe rings of damage could have a similar generation code to rings of speed (they currently cap at +15).
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