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Originally Posted by camlost View Post
I've mentioned it in a few different threads, for more or less the same reasons as you state. I see no compelling need for artifacts to be stapled onto a base object, with all its rarity, depth, etc. issues.

Thanks for putting together a thread and a few additional words to this. (I mentioned it most recently in the thread that was complaining about too many shoes).

Also thanks for looking through the make_artifact_special code. I haven't checked to see if is as easy as I think it should be.
I see this (from purely non-coder perspective with 10seconds of thought) as:

roll for item
Roll "is it good"
Roll "is it excellent"
Roll "could it be artifact"

Based on results above

For artifact: roll which one.


roll for base item.

Combine rarities to see if item was created.

Obviously the actual code will be quite a bit more complex, but to me that looks like something that isn't very hard to make.
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