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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
Timo's right. You can generally recognize a randart based on Bladeturner, Ringil, etc. because they'll be much more powerful than most. Randart rarity does take the base item rarity into account, though, so the converted Ringil should be just as rare as the real Ringil is in normal games.

And yeah, rarities would need to be rebalanced. But that needs to happen anyway, since currently many powerful artifacts are far too common (c.f. Feanor).
Careful - we're conflating two different issues here.

Anecdotal evidence from dumps shows that Feanor and The One are noticeably more common since 3.1.x, but IMO this is not relative to other artifacts - I think the attack on TMJ launched in 3.1.0 had a side effect of making artifacts more common per se (along with, even more noticeably, ego items).

Separately, there have been a series of changes to both base item rarities and artifact rarities. There was the change to alloc_prob (a percentage instead of a "one in X" chance), there were some changes to individual standart rarities, and some new/changed base items. The old mechanism of calculating randart rarity by (old art rarity * old base item rarity / new base item rarity) *hasn't* changed, but obviously the other changes have affected randart generation.

@buzzkill: ironically the full answer to your question is that any standart can choose any base item for a randart *except* lights and jewelry. Lights, rings and amulets can only have their properties randomised, not their base items. Adopting the suggestion in this thread would unlock this.
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