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New PWMAngband 1.4.0 beta 13 released!

List of changes:

- Slight tweak to gold drop rates at low level
- Don't wipe townies at dawn if the number of townies is less than the max for that town
- Add message when using chargeable items from the ground
- Remove "wield" command from quick_floor option
- Stop Create Arrows creating special artifacts
- Fixed bug with food counter that stopped starvation when the counter hit 0 and caused the food indicator to disappear
- Fixed apparent issue with trampling of shape-changed monsters
- Fixed bugs with tracking of shape-changed monsters
- Don't close VERSION_BETA servers if an object cannot be placed, but just discard the object
- Allow full home capacity on VERSION_BETA servers
- Don't generate custom stores in the base town
- Give Bert, Bill and Tom the DROP_GREAT flag like all other dungeon bosses
- Add new terrain "training grounds" for the Target Dummy, fix its location to a random lot in the base town
- Fix ghostly powers for deceased warriors/unbelievers/monks

Files are available for download at the usual location:
PWMAngband variant maintainer - check (or to learn more about this new variant!
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