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Is there anything in Variant programs that keep it from launching in Windows 10?

Hello all,

Just had a question for you. I seem to have an issue with multiple variants of Angband. I can download and launch vanilla angband on Windows 10 fine but any time I try to run a variant it will bring up a single window with the title, hang there for about 5 seconds, and just close. (This is after trying everything I can think of. Admin mode, compatability, etc). I can take that exact file on a thumbdrive, put it on a little windows 8 laptop, and it runs like a charm.

I've suddenly realized the commonality is the multi-window setup of the game, even when they are all in one window they are still generally the same sectioned setup as if they were multiple little moveable windows like Angband. I realized this because I have a problem with The Ground Gives Way (Not a band game, but it has the same multi-window in single window setup).

Does anyone possibly have any insight? Do the programs not run on Windows 10 and I just haven't realized that?

Sorry if the above sounds angry or anything. It's not meant to be. I am just perplexed and actually don't know if I'm doing something wrong.

Thank you so much,

Oh! Games I've tried this on.
The Ground Gives Way (Not a band, but same window setup).

Funny enough, I got TOME working but it's the graphical version. Don't know if that changes anything.
I'll try a few more variants later today.
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