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Demon summonspam getting out of hand in quests is very bad, so the top advice has to be 'don't let demon summonspam get out of hand in quests.' Helps to be famiiliar with the demons - which ones summon, which ones are confusable, which ones can be killed fairly quickly - so you can prioritize the top targets.

If massive demon summonspam does happen in a quest, try to minimize the number of summoners in LOS at any one time. Optimal is fighting the summoners one by one; helps to lure them into corridors and other cramped areas, even if they're not traditional ASCs, but even in open areas one summoner is better than 10 or 100. If the demons absolutely want to stick together at the far end of a big open room and refuse to separate or close in, you can try to approach them very carefully and TO the nearest demons while the others are too far away to react, it will of course throw the nearest demons into unpredictable places but at least it will separate them from the main pack.

Old Castle has more favorable terrain for fighting demonspam than the Cloning Pits, but also a higher probability of seeing nycadaemons. Don't fight other demons with a nycadaemon in sight; if you cannot immediately engage the nycadaemon (because it's too far away or because it would allow too many summons from other summoners) then it's better to teleport or occasionally to teleport it.

Sometimes there's just no hope, and you have to grab what loot you can and abandon the quest (unless you are bostock, in which case you pretend the situation isn't hopeless and pull some magic trick out of the bag and kill everybody).
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