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Originally Posted by Saeldanya View Post
How do I turn show_future_spells and show_future_powers on? I haven't seen those options anywhere... they would be very helpful as I enjoy having visible goals such as an awesome new spell at level X to work towards.
They are in the List Display options (press = followed by 7). I think one of the two is already on by default.

If I may ask another question, I often get a message that a living creature I'm trying to dominate with the level 1 Beastmaster skill is 'immune', even if I've tamed that same creature before. Why does this happen? For instance, I tamed a hippogryph in the Warrens, but after it died and I tried the same thing with a different one in the Hideout, I got that message.
There are several reasons why a creature might be immune to charming. One is that a previous, failed attempt to charm it might have annoyed it enough that it's now uncharmable; the chance of a failed charming triggering this effect is pretty low, but sometimes you get unlucky. Another fairly common cause of charming immunity is area aggravation (think of scrolls of Aggravate Monsters or the shrieks of a shrieking mushroom patch). I would expect one of those two - failed charming or area aggravation - to have been responsible in your case, but they aren't the only reasons why a monster might be uncharmable or uncapturable; monsters with living "parents" (the summons or bodyguards of someone big and buff) are uncapturable, and charming mechanics (especially capturing) are also somewhat restricted for quest and arena monsters.

I enjoy dragon warlocks because their pet support isn't purely passive, they get unique class powers directly related to their dragon mount. The songs, for instance. Or the jump riding ability. If Beastmasters are more of a riding class than dragon warlocks, why no riding techniques for them?
There are two directions this question can be answered from: the historical perspective and the current perspective.

The historical perspective is that Beastmasters are an older class than dragon warlocks; so at the time Beastmasters were originally designed, those special riding techniques did not yet exist, and so no one thought of letting Beastmasters use them. The current perspective is that Beastmasters are already pretty strong, so giving them access to additional strong stuff would likely be unbalancing and make them overpowered.

Of course, it isn't impossible that Beastmasters could be tinkered with! Additional strong tricks could be balanced out by nerfs elsewhere; and all suggestions, whether from new players or from seasoned veterans, are always appreciated.
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