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Version 1.4.0 is about to be released. Here are the last changes I made since beta 16:

- Revert "Increase house price a bit depending on the HOUSE_FLOOR_SIZE option"
- Add check for existing player id when logging in with an existing character
- Remove 2x XBM price cap on items for sale in player shops
- Add preferred price info (BM price) when inspecting identified items
- Use "askprice" for worthless items when selling in player shops
- Add store:home-inven-max in constants.txt to set home capacity on servers with access to houses
- Upgrade FREETYPE to version 2.10.2
- Upgrade PYTHON to version 2.7.18
- Set minimum value of light for lantern of shadows
- Use ARC for wands of Dragon's Breath etc, allowing device boost
- Only forget floors when going dark in cave_illuminate()
- Fix some blackguard spells
- Drop the empty lantern after refueling if there's no room in the pack
- Allow confused monster to move into non-passable terrain (+ message)
- Allow monster to hit player/decoy standing in non-passable terrain
- Fix ID-by-use not working on Identify scrolls
- Don't automatically repeat the digging command if there's no chance to clear the obstacle
- Allow a monster's confusion to affect breath targeting
- Fix typo in monster_effect_accuracy()
- Use a white asterisk rather than an orange asterisk for detected gold lying on the floor
- Add terrain configuration items to help phrase messages for looking/targeting
- Add check for failed ego search in brand_object()
- Move describe_effect() code to effects-info.c
- Add handling for unrevealed mimics in push_object()
- Fix device boost display
- Increase the damage on Dispel Evil and Undead
- Increase chest frequency
- Make healing potions that used to add to food cost food
- Change names of BLOWS and MOVES modifiers
- Stop trampling of uniques
- Fixes to group_monster_tracking()
- Tweaks and bugfixes to randarts
- For spell decisions in mon-attack.c, use the decoy position, if it is present
- Set so smart monsters won't use TELE_SELF_TO when next to the target
- Turn fear into hold if a monster has nowhere to run
- Don't allow a monster to cast if the player cannot witness the attack
- Fix contains_only_spaces()
- Fix water resistance not being able to be learned as a rune
- Fix broken ENLIGHTENMENT effect
- Add lab-depth parameter in constants.txt to set the depth where labyrinths start to be generated unlit/unknown
- Add LEVEL_FEELINGS server option to hide or limit level feelings
- Fix level feeling squares not set for a player entering a level with another player on it
- Prevent the Target Dummy from being teleported away
- Add hack to try fixing keypresses not being processed in some cases
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