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Sounds kind of reminiscient of TOME2's god system. I'm assuming you're drawing a lot of inspiration from that? A few thoughts:

1. I think having gods lose favor when you kill things is going to be a giant PITA unless you're really careful with how you implement it. Bands involve killing lots of things. And just avoiding enemies unless you teleport them away is *really* annoying since they hound you relentlessly. For this reason, Yavanna is a kind of terrible god in TOME2 because she doesn't like it when you kill animals, and there are a lot of animals in the early game. To mitigate this, one of the first benefits you get at a certain piety level could be that the monster that god likes becomes neutral to you, or is just less likely to spawn.

What you *could* have instead of gods not liking it when you kill things is that there are certain sacrifices that gods don't like. So, the god of war doesn't like it when you sacrifice weapons (he wants you to use those to fight), but he does like it when you sacrifice scrolls of teleportation or other escape items (since then you're basically saying "I commit to fighting my enemies, not running away"). Then a part of learning the gods is learning what each god likes and dislikes. It also adds some tactical considerations based on your playstyle, and which items you can most afford to sacrifice.

2. It might make sense to have the god you're worshiping punish you for misdeeds, but other gods punishing you just feels like it would be more unfun than fun. For one thing, pissing off some gods is going to be unavoidable, so you'll have to be very careful to balance things so that they don't become a random "you're dead now" event. For another, if pissing off one or more gods does eventually lead to a "you're dead now" event, then that's going to encourage tedious sacrifice scumming.

A mix of passives and abilities probably makes the most sense, with each god getting different bonuses. You can look at DCSS' god system to see what they do. DCSS actually has a very interesting and deep religion system with a variety of different gods with different abilities.
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