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Originally Posted by CyclopsSlayer View Post
Look at the Pos/Frog/Com Virtue systems. These are basically what you are talking about.
AND they tend to be hated by many as they restrict and force gameplay.
Hit a sleeping foe? Ding lose virtue. So much for the value and benefits of stealth and surprise attacks.
Eat too much, lose virtue. Hit a mob first, lose virtue, fail a spell cast, lose virtue. Breathe and stand still, lose virtue... Okay maybe not the last one, but you get the point.
I certainly don't want to have anything like that.

The more I think about it, the more I want it to be zero sum - nothing you do will ever just lose you favour, the only time you will ever lose favour with a god is by gaining favour with a different god.

Given that there are five gods, I'll make sure the gains are in multiples of 4 points, so for example if you do something that pleases Lobon, you'll gain 4 favour with Lobon and lose 1 favour with each of Nath-Horthath, Zo-Kalar, Oukranos, and Tamash.

So your total favour will always stay the same, and you're going to lose favour more slowly than you gain it because the gain will be concentrated on the one god you pleased but the loss will be spread out amongst the four other gods.
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