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You'll definitely choose a god at character creation if you're a priest - but it will be tied into your choice of realms.

Your basic Life/Death choice won't affect it, but your second realm will determine your god:
  • Chaos = Nath-Horthath, god of war
  • Corporeal = Lobon, god of youth
  • Folk = Zo-Kalar, god of birth and death
  • Nature = Oukranos, god of the river
  • Tarot = Tamash, god of illusion and magic

(Priests can't choose Sorcery, so there's no god for that one.)

I'm less sure that I want other characters to choose a patron god. There are already patron Great Old Ones that you can have if you're a Cultist or Fanatic, and I want the gods to be different if possible rather than just having a single one that gives you gifts or punishes you. Rather than having a single patron you should be balancing your devotion to all of them.
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