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Originally Posted by Dean Anderson View Post
I was wrong in the post above (well, I did say I was away from my code).

They currently do have the hit points and skill progression as warriors - that's something I need to change, as I agree they're too powerful as they are.
to be fair I like that they're powerful in that bands have always had an asymmetrical balance, you choose your difficulty when you choose race and class, that said yeah they are probably a bit too over tuned, I'm just concerned hitting their hit points or melee progression to that of a priest will make them nonviable as melee combatants at deeper depths. I guess that's something I'll test when you make changes because as of RN, it's my favorite class to play because of the gear freedom.

Basically, your strength score provides a bonus, and your class then provides a multiplier for this bonus. This multiplied bonus is then divided by the weight of your weapon, with your class providing a minimum value for this weight, to produce a number....
that, was a really fascinating read of the mechanics, and I absolutely love knowing how that works, I didn't realize dex played into extra attacks at all. That's really cool, and something I'll keep in mind for later playthroughs that might help me get off the ground sooner.

However, I do agree that they need to have their abilities reduced so that they don't completely overshadow Warriors.

No, you're right. Having looked at the code they do get the same pseudo-id as Warriors. That's something else I'll change.
Yeah I hope you figure out a balance between the classes so they both feel unique and fun. I love the chosen one as a concept, the freedom of gear choice for that class is a lot of why this is my favorite band ever. I wish more classes in more bands got at least some resistances for free to facilitate that.

I don't think Warriors are a newbie trap, since they're the easiest characters to get started with and newbies aren't going to be anywhere near finishing the game anyway.
See the current issue is the period of time where they are easier than a chosen is so small as to be almost negligible even for someone newer. it's really one or two dives to the first, maybe second floor til you can get armor to match a warrior, maybe 3 to get a better weapon as well and then it's smooth sailing from there, Especially as the healing potion they get for free is basically an extra life/get out of jail free card that low in the dungeon.

I think if I personally were to make many changes to the chosen it'd be to hit them early game, slow their resistances and sustains progression so they struggle more to break that depth and level where you start finding the better gear.

The current development version has a change where you no longer have to kill all the quest monsters in one go. You can now nip into the level, pick off one or two, and retreat; then come back to the level later to kill some more. That makes a big difference to that sort of situation.
this would likely have saved me, I think in total I killed 18 of the dang things Hah. Very much looking forwards to the next update then.
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