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FrogComPos Filthy Rags

What's the best way to do something about the Damage of the filthy rags? As it stands it's extremely hard to get brands/slays with no weapons and that's to be expected but on top of this they don't benefit at all from absorbing the nicer unenchanted gloves with attack and damage bonuses.(which I'm mixed about, I feel like this would get out of control late game but early game is disappointing)

This is amplified by them having no proficiency scaling either so as early as level 10 they start to hit a wall where only a single very specific ego drop that's not exactly common can help them overcome in any way. Yeah, they get pretty tough with high Early AC and will inevitably get high resist pips for everything but it feels like it's impossible to get to the depths that the things they need are dropping because they can't hit anything and even when they do hit stuff they do no damage.

is there an ideal depth, dungeon, town, or place to farm gloves of slaying? and do others like me feel this monster race needs some kind of in built accuracy or damage scaling(like most of the monster races get) so they can get past the very early game without grinding for eternity?
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