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Frogcomposband Save File Error

I tried to open a file for a character I was playing earlier today in Frogcomposband salmiak. Suddenly I got this message

Error (Cannot parse savefile) 0.0.toffee savefile
Loading a 0.0.toffee savefile...
Savefiles older than 7.0.0 are not supported!

Its surprising since I only have Salmiak and licorice versions and those versions have forward compatibility. The character was a Lich monster with a lucky personality. My system went through a forced shutdown before this happened, but previous times when there were forced shutdowns, there were no problems with the saves. I fortunately had a copy of the save file from earlier in the character's career (This means that I do re load my character's file if they die, but I don't want to lose my progress of getting to an archlich... frog is a very hard variant, I'm just some baby novice player)
But this is a strange bug nonetheless and could be a real dangerous risk for savefiles
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