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Frogcomposband - Liches and Suggestions

So after finally getting my first win in this variant I had some thoughts about the lich monster race. They're my absolute favorite but I'm surprised there have only been 3 wins with them despite being a very powerful endgame race. I imagine maybe they just need some extra flavour to make them more fun to play as. Especially since I hear that some players seem to look down on them in

If anyone is open to listening, then I do have a few suggestions.

Archlich: Should stay as they are. Incredible damage output with manastorm, and can easily kite with their free passwall even using summons to gain free distractions. Though I feel like I'm the only one who really uses them, I just love having a personal undead army. This is of course restricted to CL50 so you can't do the J quest as early as the other races/classes without having some issues. You're also quite ineffective against most undead/demons until you get mana bolt/storm unless you want to resort to summons. But the reward for getting about 12 million XP points is generous enough to compensate.

Black Reaver: I feel these could be like battlemages or blackguards, they could stay in combat for longer than the Archlich before having to flee. Maybe they could have better melee than archliches with innate unlife properties with their touch that could boost your spell power temporarily similar to the liches in Poscheng or Oposband if I'm remembering this correctly. Reavers are supposed to seek out the living to harvest souls so I feel it could fit the roles quite well. I'm not sure if they would get summons though since they would be purely offense focused. Hopefully this wouldn't be too hard to implement. They obviously would destroy walls after they fully evolve, but I can understand having Legates of the Damned with passwall at around level 40 or so would be strange.

Iron Lich: This would be a really funny one to imagine since the equipment slots would be bizzare, but we already have servants of khorne so maybe it could work, of course this is a low priority subrace. Maybe Iron liches could get lots of basic resists because of equipment restrictions and they should probably have innate reflection to match their enemy counterparts. And they could have lots of elements spells like Whirpool or the basic elements breath attacks of fire, cold and electricity.

These are all just suggestions of course, if there isn't any reason you wouldn't want these ideas I'd be glad to have it explained. I just felt a bit disappointed my favourite monster race barely had any names behind it despite being really good once you start getting your fail rates down.
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