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That is something I noticed with them. Liches especially only really have around 7 spells that you use. Nether ball/bolt, Phase door/Teleport, Mana bolt and Mana Storm. Most players I see never really use summons and Drain Mana despite it being incredibly useful when I was playing. Confuse could be more useful but its really unreliable when you have staves of confuse monster and even confusing lights which totally renders Terrify, Slow and Confuse spells quite obsolete. Brain Smash requires a saving throw from the target monster and that never seems to get through anytime you actually need it. 12d12 is also quite underwhelming for a single target attack that *can* be resisted. Maybe one of the spells could be replaced with a buff for your summons in view similar to the necromancer class.
I think the general problem with monster spells is that they don't take up inventory space like regular spellcasters and they can still use them even while blinded. But that means their spells have to be more reliable/useful than the spellbooks where you can dump the first one after a certain point. So while liches have strong and effective spells, they come quite late and are pretty tedious to keep using the same ones constantly for all 12 million xp.
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