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Thank you for the feedback and suggestions! Adding more lich subraces was on Chris's to-do list, and probably ought to be on my to-do list as well.
Patiently and gladly waiting for any new leads on this

If there were any options to balance liches, it could be to give them penalties to dual wielding in spellcasting. Though this would probably just make the early game even harder since I really banked on my DL 1 broken dagger (nature) paired with another (nature) ego weapon for the INT boosts. I ended up keeping said dagger with me till around CL37 or so because it was just a really helpful weapon. Its not like I ever needed to melee with spell rates so low.

Maybe they could have increased energy costs while casting spells or resting in walls, they already get these penalties while moving, but I think it applies to every monster with passwall so I'm not sure if it would be easy to put in.

Removing one tick of innate cold/poison resistance could do, but it would be awkward considering Liches are undead and shouldn't even really be taking damage from these attacks. It would also just slow down the early game more without affecting much by the end.
Liches are so strange in the fact that they take nearly as long to max out as angels but just absolutely blow everything out of the water when they do. Nerfing anything they gain in their final forms would feel less rewarding to players who get through the hell of surviving as the weaker base forms, and nerfing anything before that only makes it more difficult to go through the game, but ultimately doesn't change much at the end. (Or maybe I'm just acting like some kid who has something stupidly strong and wants it to stay that way)

This race truly is a monster
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