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Originally Posted by Atopian View Post

First, glad to see that FrogComPos exists - last time I checked in, there was sudden drama about PosCheng.

Second, a quick question:
Where in the FrogComPos files are the spell lists by class and realm?
I am interested in adjusting the spells available to each class, their minimum level, %failure, etc.
I am aware that I will need to compile after making any tweaks, I am just having trouble finding where they are specified.
Spell availability/level/cost/difficulty by class for the standard book realms is mostly specified in lib/edit/m_info.txt (there's a small amount of hardcoding in lawyer.c). Oddball class-specific realms like Kendo, Music and Hex are in tables.c (which realms a given class can choose is also there); and class-specific non-book spells are specified in class-specific files like ninja.c and mindcrafter.c.

If you only edit m_info.txt you won't need to recompile.
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