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Frog - what's up with Rune Swords?

I find these from time to time but have never used one. I understand they start off very weak and gain power over time but I'm not sure on the mechanics of it. What character would benefit from wielding one, and are they end game weapons? Since I think they start out very weak, does that mean they are typically used by dual-wielders so that they have a strong weapon in their other hand?

And a general question on builds - I love playing melee characters who have magic for buffs/healing (but more to the magic side than Paladins). Is Warrior-Mage with Arcane/Life or Arcane/Craft a strong build or does this class need damage dealing realms like Death or Armageddon to succeed? And which is stronger at this concept (melee with magic buffs/healing), Priest or Warrior-Mage?

I exclusively play Coffee-Break if that makes a difference.
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