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Rune swords can eventually become pretty strong, but there are other strong weapons, and even at their best rune swords are very much a mixed blessing. A rune sword's more something you use because you want to say you did than something that makes actual sense.

It is possible to use dual-wield setups to support a rune sword; but since rune swords only gain power when they score the kill themselves, that would make progress significantly slower. Especially in coffee-break, where you have fewer kills to play with, you should probably single-wield to make sure that every kill is credited to the sword. (I don't think rune sword progress is adjusted for game speed, though it likely ought to be; or perhaps it should just be revisited outright to encourage using rune swords more.)


Gwarl buffed Warrior-Mage significantly; they have better stats than priests, better melee than priests and better device use than priests. Out of those two I would still be inclined to pick priest, though, especially for this kind of build; both are "strong enough" in all of the above, so you might as well not be stuck with Arcane. You don't need to pick an offensive realm to support your melee, although of course you can if you want to

Monk is another classic class for this type of build.
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