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New 1.5.0 dev version is out with the following changes:

- Disable banishment in dwarven halls
- Enter and leave query-item-by-name mode via quote symbol
- Add possibility to macro by spell names
- KEYMAP_ACTION_MAX increased from 20 to 30
- Macro Action Generator (3 new options to keymap screen)
- Added commands to birth option screen to save and restore custom birth options
- Stop quest artifacts being stealable
- Move message truncation from server to client
- Fix message truncation in windows client
- Change the way topline message is displayed
- Add "wrap_messages" option to word-wrap long messages in sub-windows
- Fix crash when calling make_gold() with NULL player parameter
- Add paranoia check to avoid walking out of bounds
- Update docs for option customization
- Make dungeon profile selection less error-prone
- Add Acenoid's vaults
- Change House Foundation allocation/rarity
- Allow to macro by item floor items
- New option: Compare equipment when examining items
- Ensure grids on the target path are hit by projections in project()
- Added a debugging command to dump the current level as an HTML file
- Add Ctrl+E toggle_inven_equip command from V
- Buying house command moved to 'H' (original keyset) and '£' (roguelike keyset)
- Dump each item/monster/vault allocation to #cheat channel in debug mode
- Ensure old players are not placed into newly created parties with colliding party ids
- Add pre-processing to chat messages to look for '/' commands
- Implement the '/house' chat command to purchase a house
- Allow '~xxx' inscription along 'for sale xxx' to price items in player shops
- Slightly tightened shape change logic
- Blackguard tweaks
- Forget memory of the old level when a player that saved during day connects back during night (or vice versa)
- Account for throwing weapons in the quiver within pack_slots_used() and quiver_absorb_num()
- Respawn NO_DEATH monsters every dawn if they somehow disappeared
- Implement keymap by spell for monster spells and ghost powers
- Bring back '%' command as "Interact with keymaps" and implement the '/time' chat command to display current time
- Fix Embarcadero C++ 7.20 compilation
- Ensure that Dragon and Hydra characters have the proper race when logging
- Do not disturb after being hit by a non-threatening projected spell
- Add option to avoid getting disturbed when effects end
- SDL client: allow fonts to be loaded from "xxx.FON" files and raise the maximum number of fonts to 60
- Added simplified and alternate versions of "monster" directive in font-xxx.prf files to specify default attribute (monster-char) or attribute by symbol (monster-attr)

Binaries are available for download at the usual location:
Source code is available on Git:
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