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If we want to be conservative, perhaps Easterling would be an appropriate addition/replacement for one of the races?

Personally, I'm with Derakon on having lots of races (even non-thematic) as long there's something different about them. For example, Golem in Entroband has innate pStun which is great... but it has massive penalties to INT/WIS, so it's painful for spellcasters (w/o absurd equipment) who have the most use for pStun. (It's interesting because pStun can be rather difficult to come by.)

Going even further, I'm also rather fond of sub-races from ToME2 where there are subraces like Vampire, Zombie, Spectre (w/passwall) etc. These are restricted based on race, so there are no Zombie Ents, for example. Most of them don't really change the gameplay massively, they just provide a lilttle bit of differentiation and can provide nice early-game bonuses. (Examples of race+subrace combinations: Red Dragon, Ethereal Dragon, Zombie Easterling.)
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