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Thanks for the quick reply.
A few remarks:
02 - I think the file should at least mention something the symbols are replaced with tiles if you use those.
03 - OK, thanks for the explanation. I have never noticed that with unmodified speed and 3.8 blows, I sometimes get an extra turn against other monsters with the same speed.
06 - sorry, you're right. I mixed it up since earth elementals have the same issue. Silent watchers are also only vulnerable to acid, but do not do acid attacks. I agree they should have at least one vulnerability; e.g. gelatinous cubes are a horror for mages.
10 - yes, if you show the monster level in the overviews, you can quickly find which to expect on the level you are at. Opening the full recall is rather cumbersome for that.
14 - I read the description in object.txt, and now assume that the spoiler lists the property: depth ('strength' of the item), and not the alloc min (dungeon) level. Perhaps this could be made clearer in the spoiler. (I would prefer to see the min dungeon level in the spoiler rather than a subjective strength.) Perhaps rings of protection could have higher armor increase then if they are underpowered, making them more balanced with the elemental rings.
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