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Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
You'll need the old object & monster files too for that, otherwise monsters will drop either useless or non-existent books.

Edit: store as well. It's not too hard but trickier then you'd expect when you add up the little bits.
I don't think so. Nick is more brilliant than you've given credit. Although it is called "old_class.txt", it isn't actually an exact duplicate of the old file. It includes the modifications Nick has made to the way in which books are defined (as well as other game-play refinements like changes to class flags, e.g., removal of cumber glove, blessed, etc.) Books are no longer in object.txt, the book objects are defined in the class.txt file (or old_class.txt file). Also, the only drops dictated by the monster file are Morgoth's crown and weapon.
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