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I admit that I haven't tried playing any of the new classes in the latest build (last several months I've been playing 4.1.2-dirty) but I have a suggestion for a tweak to the ID system.

We lost identify an object's details in favor of rune-id, which seems to be a big hit with everyone, me included. What hasn't been a hit with me is losing the ability to id potions and magical devices using identify scrolls; and thus being forced to use them as they were intended to be used (ie, running around trying to find a weak monster to aim the wand I found to be sure that it isn't TO). So my proposal is to complicate the id system (ewwww!!!) in order to have my cake and eat it to, so to speak; that is to say, a hybrid of the old system and the new system. I propose that:

potions do not automatically id when you quaff them unless their ability is revealed when quaffed. ie: if you quaff a Coagulated potion of !Neutralize Poison when not poisoned or a Crimson potion of !CCW when you are at full health without any ailments, then the potions will read like it used to "Coagulated potion {tried}" and "Crimson potion {tried}". So potions would be consistent with the way wands and staffs are id'd now: that is, only successful use of a potion or scroll, staff, wand or rod will reveal what it does. (Currently, a monster has to be in LoS of @ if Confuse Monster staff is going to be id'd by use). It makes sense to have potions and scrolls consistent to staves, wands and rods in how they are id'd. And maybe a class or race could have the native ability of identifying potions or scrolls the way mages identify magical devices? but I digress....

I propose two types of ID: rune-id, just the way it currently is (runes, as I understand it, are all the resistances, abilities and other things on the character's resistants sheet found on equipment, as well as curses), and then object characteristics that aren't runes, such as all scrolls, potions, wands, staves, rods, and characteristics on equipment that aren't runes (such as activations) are id'd not with rune-identify but with object-identify. So you'd have two scrolls: rune-identify scroll and object-identify scroll (might need a better name).

So if you find a scroll in a vault and you're concerned it might be teleport level, *destruction*, or deep descent, but you don't want to ignore it as it might be banishment, mass ban or *acquirement*, then you can id it with an object-id scroll or spell if you have, but not with a rune-id scroll or spell. Same goes for potions, wands, staves and rods.

I guess it isn't really necessary to break up identify into two classes; I suppose you could just implement the changes and keep one identify that identifies everything in the runeish way identify works now, even though the *destruction* quality of a staff of *destruction* isn't really a rune. Another minor tweak that might want to be implemented is if you find an unknown staff and try to identify it with a scroll or spell, you might only identify that it heals 50 hitpoints. You'd have to read another identify scroll to find out it also protects you from evil. Only when you've id'd both of the staff's 'runes' would you know that it's a staff of holiness. I suppose it makes sense to extend rune id to mushrooms as well: you read a scroll of identify on a mushroom of emergency and all you learn about it is that it resists fire. If you read a scroll to identify a mushroom of debility all you learn is that it reduces STR or you learn it reduces CON, or you learn that it restores mana. But if you learn it restores mana, and then you come across a staff of the magi, would you then see on the staff that it restores mana, but not see that it restores INT (unless you ID'd that somewhere else?)

So maybe runes should be extended to staves, mushrooms and magical devices, not just equipment. Although quaffing potions probably shouldn't learn runes found elsewhere (ie. learning the potion of resist poison probably shouldn't mean you now identify resist poison wherever you find it, as it would mean you learn rPois too early).

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