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Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
Cross-posting from another thread:

I'm going to suggest a halving of weapon weights which I think are too heavy to start with. This only solves part of Bandobras issue but I'm pretty sure the id mini game is less painful when you're not at -spd. Currently I recall more then I'd like to, just to dump a bunch of junk weapons at shop 3.

As long as the ratios between weapon weights stay identical you can change their weights & maintain the same balance by making the same adjustment in tunnelling, criticals & blows. So this would be a change to encumbrance + cosmetics.

Unless people like the current balance between weapon weight & encumbrance? I don't.
If you roll a character with low strength then you have low strength. That is your character. You will have other bonuses which help you in the game,e.g. intelligence. It's a trade off. If you can't carry it then drop it. It you want more strength mage then get rid of your intelligence at birth! :-)

Personally I think the weights are fine but enchantment should be size dependent. e.g. A 2 lb weapon should have +2 hit/ damage max. A 30 lb weapon should have +30 hit/damage max. You may get more hits per turn with a low level weapon but each hit shouldn't be similar to a weapon several times the weight. e.g. dagger = tap * 5 + 5 * little bonus while a great hammer = massive crush * 2 + 2 * larger bonus. With increased strength the great hammer will get more blows per turn and be better than any dagger. Who wants to hit Morgoth with a dagger!?!?! I want to feel earthquakes when hitting Morgoth at the end game. You hit Morgoth with a ***BONECRUSHING*** crush.

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