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Do Rogues have to use "Books"?

Originally Posted by Youssarian View Post
I was trying to fool around with the books, but can't seem to figure out how to change the names that show up in the store. I'm using note pad II to edit things, but it just isn't obvious to me how to change that.

I was going to play with changes to Necromancer first, but these were the names I came up with that I was going to edit, in time, all the others.

Codex of Dark Arts [title]

Shadow Handbook [title]

Treatise of Nature [title]

Book of the Woodlands [title]

Tome of Sorcery [title]

Manual of Tricks [title]

Holy Scriptures [title]

Essays of Faith [title]

I found the books in the Class file. Some info in the realm file. But clearly I have no idea what I am doing. Help would be appreciated.
It's always seemed a bit of a disconnect for me that the Rogue uses magic books. If they have their own set of "books" is there some reason not to re-flavor them as something more physical/skill based? I'm thinking "Basic Thieves Kit", "Burglars Pack", "Manual of Tricks, Traps & Snares", "Hustlers Kit: Smoke & Mirrors".

The game mechanic remains the same but it makes it seem more like a skill they have instead of "oh yeah, they have magic too". Think Batman as opposed to X-Men.

The same logic could easily apply to the Ranger but it doesn't jar me so much when they use "spells".
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