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So I've got a solution I like enough to try:
  • Halve the weapon weights
  • Blows calculated with effective weight = weapon weight + 5
What this does is pushes all the weights closer together so instead of a longsword being 11 dagger weights it is now 2. You can get a rough idea of how this works out by comparing to the old weapon blows.
  • New dagger: blows of old spear
  • New rapier: blows of old trident
  • New tulwar: Old tulwar
  • New longsword: Old cutlass
  • New Zweihander: Old broadsword
  • New MoD: Old Lochaber Axe
I'm thinking I'll also make whips 1d4 & daggers 1d5 then adjust the bottom of the str range (via the adj_str table) to put half troll warriors damage with a +0,+0 dagger to it's old position & adjust the end of the str range so that Maces of Disruption max. out at the same pt. Just need to look a little closer at the numbers 1st

Anyway I'll be putting this into coffeeband which I've restarted (in a more organized way). For the 1st version I'll put up a copy that is just angband-master with the new blow system for anyone who wants to see how this would play out in V.
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