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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
Because they move at normal speed, the only situations in which they can get a turn on you without you realizing they are present are a) if you are slowed, or b) if you are using a torch and the awake Hulk is exactly 2 tiles away from you and you move towards it. The latter is possible but unlikely; the former is your fault.

But yes, when you start mixing in other enemies in combination with the Hulk is when they get truly dangerous. A Hulk on its own is not much of a threat.
Untrue. I've done spot checks before where they were half a screen away, and moved towards me. Also two tiles away could also mean they are on an adjacent corridor. So, say, if you come into a room with an entrance near the bottom, there's a good chance than a Umber Hulk could lurk on the edge of the wall.

Also it's only your fault on slow effects if you are carrying heavy stuff, because many monsters can cast/cause slowing effects.

And I wasn't talking about getting a turn on you as far as engaging anyway. I was talking about encountering them suddenly. Like you're walking down a corridor, and Oop! And Umber Hulk is suddenly next to you or you notice it coming into the room.

I'm like "NO! You're ruining the level with your map destroying moving through rock powers... damn you... now I have to remap to your point of origin. Stupid Umber Hulks.... always going around messing up my map! Grr!"
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