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My thoughts are basically that having more variable status effects is fine for having more little details, but I'm not sure many of them will have a significant impact on gameplay outside of the early game, unless you address the player's access to status effect mitigation (protections and cures). Most players on these forums at least will view any reduction in their escape capabilities (such as ability to use spells/scrolls/magic devices) as "debilitating" and attempt to cure them ASAP, regardless of the statistical impact. I'm pretty sure that if you took a 0% failure rate and changed it to a 1%, that'd be enough to trigger "I've got to cure this right now just in case" logic. Players can get away with that kind of thinking because cures are plentiful in comparison to status effects, at least for careful players.

But that conversation starts spiralling rapidly out of control, so maybe save it for another thread.

One thing you could do, though, is have monsters that routinely apply small status effects, that gradually stack larger the longer you fight the monster without spending a turn on clearing them. Obviously these could be applied in melee, but I think it'd make good sense to have some that are applied just by being anywhere near the monster / having it in LOS. This is both so that non-melee characters don't get to escape them and also for more flavor: Nazgul applying a stacking fear effect as long as you can see them, for example, or Bile Demons poisoning you just by you being near them. about stationary monsters that, every dozen or two turns, stack an additional layer of debuff on you if you're within, oh, 30 tiles of them, even through walls? Put one of those suckers in a vault, that's mean.

Of the status effects you listed, my main thoughts are that it's easier, and more clear, to have variable debuffs that are straight-up stat modifiers. Having the effects of confusion change qualitatively depending on how confused you are is, well, confusing, and hard to communicate to the player. But they can easily tell the difference between -2 speed and -4 speed.

* Poisoning seems like an obvious candidate, because right now it's a super-boring status. There's any number of reasonable effects we could associate with being poisoned, including periodically tacking on other status ailments (like confusing, stunning, vomiting, etc.) because of the poison! Or you can just scale the damage instead of or in addition to the duration. *shrug*

* ToME 2 has a scaling haste spell; if I recall correctly, it hastes you by anywhere from around +5 to +15 or so depending on your spell power. I don't think this is an especially great idea because of the destabilizing effect it has on equipment power valuations; if you can get a +15 haste on demand, then you need 5 less speed from your equipment compared to usual, which can give you a lot of leeway.

* Slow can of course be applied at varying levels. Having something less bad than the -10 speed that can be applied more liberally could well be interesting.
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