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Confusion should maybe only scale how erratic your movement is; being unable to do anything that requires 'concentration' ie cast a spell I think still sounds OK for any level of confusion

At least then an experienced player would know they would have a good chance to be able to back off from the Umber Hulk at the first attack rather than keep trying to wail on it until all movement is random. But I'm open to ideas on it

I do think having less binary effects would be good. As has been said, poison is an obvious one for the damage per round to decrease over time. Slowness as well should do the same, gradually returning the play to normal speed

I like Derakon's idea of a 'debuff aura' and agree it fits well. As you get closer to a Time Vortex you get slower and slower... and the static wide area debuff monsters sound like they could add some interesting challenges
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